Why Negotiating Is Just Like Doing Squats

Let me share a short story. I used to hate doing squats at the gym. I would make good progress in every strength-training exercise except for the squat. My posture felt wrong, I had a hard time coordinating my movements, and my numbers would never improve. It was embarrassing, really. I ended up thinking of doing squats as something complicated, frustrating, and potentially dangerous; something I was better off avoiding altogether.

How do I feel about doing squats now? It’s become my #1 favorite strength-training exercise. Who changed my mind? A great personal trainer I met a few years ago who still trains me to this day. He taught me the right technique, helped me strengthen my weak spots while keeping the entire process challenging and motivating. He completely changed my perspective on squats. Now, I think they’re fun!

I have met many students over the years who saw negotiation just like I used to see squats: something hard and risky, something to avoid. Most people want to negotiate because they know that it’s the only way to obtain desirable outcomes. Their issue is they haven’t acquired the knowledge and developed the right skills to negotiate well enough yet to obtain these outcomes.

My goal is to help you acquire these skills. My approach to negotiation training is based on three tenets.

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