About Distances in Organizations

Distances in Organizations (DIO) is a research network of behavioral scientists who study distances and construal levels in organizational contexts.

DIO brings together researchers from two main academic fields – social psychology and organizational behavior. Our goal is to increase collaboration among our members and accelerate the dissemination of our ideas

We organize a workshop every year in May. The DIO workshop is a great opportunity to network and push papers forward.

We also maintain a database of DIO-related articles organized by author, journal, year, and topic. Join our newsletter to receive updates on DIO research, and invitations to our events.

Conceptual Scope

Our members publish research on the following topics:

  • Spatial distances: distributed teams, telework, mobile work
  • Temporal distances: goal setting, temporal horizons, change
  • Social distances: power, diversity, social networks
  • Construal levels: conceptualization, social consequences, measurement

Oversight Committee

The role of our Oversight Committee is to provide guidance on the strategic directions that our network will be pursuing going forward.

  • Jean-Nicolas Reyt, McGill University (Chair)
  • Yaacov Trope, New York University
  • Batia Wiesenfeld, New York University
  • Nira Liberman, Tel Aviv University
  • Cheryl Wakslak, University of Southern California
  • Kentaro Fujita, Ohio State University

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Recent DIO Research

Below are some of the papers recently added to the DIO Database. Please contact me if you want to submit a reference for consideration.