How to Manage Stress During Negotiations

Podcast interview for Negotiate Anything Podcast on Negotiation, Negotiation Training. The interview was conducted in English and released in 2021.

Negotiate Anything Podcast

Negotiations are often high-stakes, high-stress situations. Some people thrive under pressure, but many find it difficult to focus when they are anxious.

An important aspect of becoming a good negotiator is controlling your own emotions so you can make the best decisions and get the best results for yourself and the other negotiators.

Here are some tips on how to manage stress during negotiations:

  • Stay calm and collected, even when things get heated.
  • Listen carefully to your counterpart and ask clarifying questions when necessary.
  • Do not attack or devalue the other party’s position. Instead, focus on finding areas where you are both willing to compromise.

I had the honor of being invited on the Negotiate Anything Podcast to discuss the topic of stress management in negotiation. Negotiate Anything is one of the top negotiation podcasts in the world, with nearly 4 million downloads.

I sat down with the amazing Kwame Christian Esq., M.A., one of the foremost experts on negotiation, to discuss my approach to negotiation training.

You can also learn more about the American Negotiation Institute, the overarching organization founded by Kwame. My friend Shane Ray Martin is now part of this organization as well.

Thank you so much Kwame for having me on. I think we had a great conversation, and I hope to have other opportunities to talk in the future!

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I teach organizational behavior and negotiation at all academic levels. I also lead negotiation workshops for corporations and work one-on-one with managers as a negotiation coach.

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