Level Up: The Future of Work

Webinar for McGill University on Negotiation, Remote Work. The interview was conducted in English and released in .

McGill University

The future of work is being reinvented right now. The traditional workplace is disappearing, and in its place is a new kind of work that offers more flexibility, freedom and autonomy.

But what does this mean for employees and employers? And what challenges do we need to overcome to make remote work successful?

McGill’s Executive Institute recently invited me to give a talk on the future of work. I discussed the challenges related to work from home, and how negotiation is key to guarantee success in reinventing work.

In this video, we will look at why remote work has become so popular, how technology has made it possible, and the benefits it brings. We will also explore some of the potential downsides of remote work and how to work around them with good planning.

The talk was attended by McGill alumni, who asked very insightful questions. Thank you so much to Pamela Sorenti for inviting me, and for moderating the discussion!

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JN Reyt

I am an associate professor of organizational behavior at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management, where I conduct research on the future of work and conflict resolution in the workplace.

I teach organizational behavior and negotiation at all academic levels. I also lead negotiation workshops for corporations and work one-on-one with managers as a negotiation coach.

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