Why Are Some People Better at Working From Home Than Others?

Written Interview for BBC Worklife on Remote Work. The interview was conducted in English and released in 2020.

BBC Worklife

Working from home, or telecommuting, has become an increasingly common way of doing business. But some people are simply more comfortable with it than others. Is this productivity innate, or can it be learned?

The truth is that some people are just naturally better at working from home than others. It’s a skill: some people just have a knack for it, while others struggle with it because they are not used to the freedom and lack of structure. But there are ways you can learn to work more effectively from home and feel more comfortable in your new role as a telecommute.

To be a successful telecommuter, you need to be able to be productive in your own space and on your own time. You also need to be able to focus on your work without distractions. And finally, you need to learn how to manage your time effectively

I was invited by BBC Workplace to share my insights on what makes people good telecommuters. Check it out!

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