Student Supervision

I am available to provide individualized supervision to students engaged in our academic programs, offering my expertise and support in their thesis-writing process.

The primary objective of my supervision is to foster students’ academic and professional development through focused guidance. Specifically, students can expect:

  • Regular Meetings: A meeting schedule is established, taking into consideration the student’s schedule. These meetings aim ensure continual progress towards thesis completion.
  • Tailored Support: My supervision strategy is flexible and adapts to the unique needs and objectives of each student. This involves recognizing specific strengths, areas requiring improvement, and individual goals, thereby providing nuanced advice and constructive guidance.
  • SMART Goal Setting: To facilitate the thesis-writing process, SMART goals will be formulated. This involves dividing larger objectives into manageable tasks, promoting a sustained focus and maintaining motivation.

Past Students

I have supervised the following students in their thesis writing:

  • Karl Boustany, McGill-HEC EMBA
  • Alexis Gaiptman, McGill-HEC EMBA
  • H├ęctor Sandoval, McGill IMHL